Friday, May 10, 2013

Seven Quick Takes~ May 10

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Mother's Day approaches-- which for us, means compiling another installment of photos for our daughters' birthmom.  And this time, as I sift through onscreen folders, I'm ridiculously grateful for this post by author/blogger Kathy Lynn Harris...!

Reading it, I think back-- and wow, yes, when you put it that way, there's no wonder that the "tangle of my mind" has seemed unusually messy!  We've been through a lot. While adoptive parents work to set aside their own feelings in deference to the birth family (whose sacrifice is unspeakably immense),  we, too, have experienced stress... The validation leaves me teary-eyed.


By the way, this time I'm also constructing a Shutterfly site so as to share photos continuously with birthmother.  She may find it easier to check in on her own schedule, when her own feelings permit; and we'll appreciate the added convenience, too, once we're over the initial hump of uploading photos from years past.  Hopefully a win-win!


 Catholic blogger Elizabeth Scalia recommends Save Send Delete (by Polish-American author Danusha Goska) to "Catholic readers in search of good Catholic fiction that reflects something of what it means to be passionately Catholic in a post-Christian, secularist and politically correct era."  I'm intrigued-- especially as the Kindle edition currently goes for only $3.49.  Compare that with $16.96 for the paperback...


Speaking of Polish Americans, singer Ewa Angeli has rendered many traditional Polish Christmas carols in English-- probably the first recording of this kind that I've run across!  Interestingly, too (and I don't quite know what I think of this!), she lends the koledy a pop-music, even somewhat "country" sound that pulls them out of context.  They seem modern, American, flimsy:  you'd never guess the age or origin or traditional weight of these songs...  Sad?  A big part of me says yes.  But then, classics are classic because they can withstand re-interpretation without sacrificing respect and cache.  We're meant to live with them...  So, I'm not sure whether I'll purchase or not.  Do I like the results enough to listen at length?  (For what it's worth, her accent is so winning...!)

Here's a promotional sample from YouTube:

And of course, you can also sample individual tracks here at Amazon.  ...Oh yes, her version of "Lulajze, Jezuniu" ("Lullaby Jesus") could grow on me!  Definitely buying that one... Maybe more.  I'm weakening.


As you see, in the past few weeks I've finally learned how to embed YouTube videos within my posts! So I'll share this wonderful "cruise of the Danube" (our toddlers love it, too!) in a more direct way...

...and also link back to my previous post, in which I identify some of the landmarks shown in this virtual journey from source to Black Sea.

As I wrote once before, I think that this could make an engaging homeschool lesson in both geography and music.


Mix purchased frozen hash browns with diced ham and shredded cheese (chopped green peppers would be great, too), and return to freezer.   Cook as much as you'd like, when you'd like it.

Why hadn't I thought of this before?  It's so simple.  Add an egg (hardboiled for added ease), and breakfast is ready.


Finally...  I hate to admit it, but I will:  My husband and I totally forgot that yesterday was a holy day of obligation!  Catholic fail.

Have a great weekend, everyone-- and Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Two fabulous ideas in one post - thanks! I'm a hash brown addict, so I love your idea for freezing them with add-ins. And I really don't utilize Shutterfly as much as I should - what a thoughtful idea to use it for sharing pics with your child's birth mother!