Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Stay warm and keep shoveling!

It's a Snow Day here in NE Kansas!  The college has closed for the day, so my husband's at home-- which makes the day festive, like a stolen weekend.  We've been shoveling the driveway in shifts; introducing our two-year-old to the construction of snowballs (which she begs to bring indoors with her!); and eating a piping hot lunch that in itself isn't much-- grilled cheese and Campbells soup-- but that really evokes those comforting childhood memories.

Since Glühwein also goes so well with that snowed-in feeling, I'll link to a recipe...  But honestly, I tend to cheat by stirring spoonfuls of orange marmalade and sugar into an individual mug of hot red wine, along with a sprinkle of cinnamon!  It's in my plan for the evening.  That, and lighting our gas-guzzling fireplace, which is a guilty pleasure in itself.

Warm wishes to everyone!  What does your family do on a Snow Day?

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