Friday, April 26, 2013

Can I get my act together for Seven Quick Takes?? April 26

It's touch and go around here (isn't it everywhere?), so completing this post will be a minor miracle...!


Two-year-old is entering the "why?" phase, although right now it manifests as a relentless demand for definition.   "What plate mean?"; "What food mean?"; "What eat mean?"; "What tummy mean?"; etc., etc.-- and all with that adorable driving-you-crazy smile!  Someone give this girl a dictionary...


On to math:  She counts "poops" in her potty.  While she's going...  As in, she'll be sitting there, and you'll suddenly hear "One!"  Huge smile on her face.  (And someday she'll want to kill me for sharing this!)


Both of my girls are devouring these Zucchini-Oatmeal Muffins with a gusto usually reserved for goldfish crackers!  I'm astonished, because the titular zucchini and oatmeal are actually filled in with healthy ingredients, such as Greek yogurt, natural applesauce, and wheat flour.  (No oil, and white flour and sugar together form only 25% of the picture.)  While the results aren't fluffy and sweet, they aren't bricks either, and I find that they do very well at breakfast-- in that they're actually eaten. (Long may this last!!)  There's a stash in our freezer...


Likewise, I continue to be amazed at my two-year-old's enthusiasm for matching games (such as Delena has developed; and these also).  Match one thing to the other, nearly identical thing... My adult mind says "boring,"but apparently she finds challenge in it-- because then she wants to do it again, mama!  These simple exercises are a lifesaver.  


Remember that laundry pile from last week?  Same pile, different clothes!   At this rate I'll never be rid of it.


Today, in a fit of optimism,  I seeded bare patches in our back yard-- the work of our labrador retriever, who unfortunately likes to dig.  Fingers crossed!


Husband's home... I'm done!  (Yeah, I know... cop out.  :)  )

Thanks for stopping by (sorry so mundane!  I'll try to do better), and have a great weekend!!

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  1. I know I'm horribly late to commenting, but I loved this post and don't think it's mundane at all. Knowing these things about your day to day is so nice for those far away, and I really appreciate you taking the time to share them.