Friday, April 19, 2013

Quick Takes~ April 19

(hosted at Camp Patton)


I really should be folding laundry.

Instead, I'm using naptime to obsess over Boston news-- between email checks and, of course, blogging.

It's good to have priorities.


You know that your toddler watches "Blue's Clues" too often, when a pawprint motif (on a dog's bandana) sends her craning her neck for Steve.  "Clue, Steve... STEVE! WHERE STEVE?!"


Exciting-- this week BBC cited the blog of my good friend Shannan (Tween Us)!!   

The quote pertained to Justin Bieber's visit to the Anne Frank House...  Here's Shannan's original post on the subject.  Adolescent response (see her comments section) made me smile and shake my head, recalling how "mature" I thought myself in high school...!


Speaking of worthwhile blogs, I've added two to my blogroll--  Living with Lady Philosophy (by a Theology M.A. married to a philosophy professor) and The Accidental Philologist (A.B.D., studying medieval Latin).  Since both authors navigate the academic world as Catholics, I'm thrilled to follow them!


Back to toddler-isms:

Apparently our two-year-old aspires to the big-kid job of cleaning up after household pets.  "Want pick up puppy poops RIGHT NOW!" she demands, pink plastic shovel in hand...  (Oh, how I wish I could put her to work!)

Someday-- when she views this backyard drudgery with the "enthusiasm" of a sane human being-- I'll remind her of today.


Years ago, when my husband and I were first married, we endured a job loss and year of unemployment that really challenged our optimism!  And back then, my husband used to say that our theme song was "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (Rolling Stones)... Well, on arriving home Tuesday evening (the day that the Catholic college ended his candidacy), what was the first thing he did?  Load that song, and play it... Before hanging up his jacket.  Before taking off his shoes.

If you try sometimes, you just might find 
you get what you need.

It was like fresh air.


Along the same lines (comfort), my new favorite flavor: Kroger Private Selection, "Chai Tea with Chocolate Ginger Cookies"

Since when last I declared a favorite (Edy's "Tiramisu") it was discontinued immediately, I'm preparing to campaign for this one.  Try it! Become addicted!  

Thanks for visiting-- and have a great weekend, everyone!  


  1. Stopping by from quick takes. So funny you mentioned the Stones song, because that is my self-appointed theme song of our journey with first primary and now secondary infertility. So fitting.

    Prayers your husband will find a good fit for his academic career.

    1. Thank you, Sarah!! It IS such a helpful song, isn't it? ...Btw, my husband and I have also experienced infertility (we adopted both of our daughters), so I have some sense of what you must be going through. Prayers and best wishes for you and your family... and I look forward to your blog posts!! "Fumbling Toward Grace" is a brilliant title.

  2. You have a sister in Christ!
    I'm married to a professor at a Catholic college, mama to two wee ones, and writing in the hours before they wake, nap time and after bedtime---ABD.

    Afternoon tugs to laundry, blogs and writing are is the struggle to find a husband academic work.

    Please keep blogging and know you have company.

    You're in my prayers and please keep blogging!

    1. Thank you for understanding...! And it's so kind of you to take the time to comment: ABD is a busy phase, I know. :) If you have a blog or decide to start one, please let me know, as I'd love to follow.

      All best wishes on your dissertation! God bless!!

  3. I think the sad professor needs an ice cream cake.